A short case study from 12 minutes of drone footage that I shot today. It was quite windy so the shots are not entirely stable, but it's good enough to serve as a test. The concept is 'A Different Perspective', visually told through Inception-like shots. 'A Different Perspective' will be a series of 2 or 3 music videos with for each video/story a different musician and piece.

Nature, industrial sceneries, cities, abstract structures, and elements like modern dance will be subject of the Inception-like shots. I will also mix these elements with for example a sea in the middle of the city, a ballet dancer on a huge square with a giant city upside down in the sky. But also ideas like folded cities, vertical roads, and mirrored forests might end up in the videos.

Besides the Inception-like VFX shots, I will film a simple, but effective story line with the main character (the musician). This will probably be some sort of journey. For example from nature to city. Or from restlessness to calmness. The inner turmoil, struggle or search is of course the different perspectives of the title of this series. The last element of these videos will be shots of the musician playing the piece.

The Inception inspired test below is the mirrored forrest idea, it's for now simply a few shots put together. I will do some more testing the coming days to find out which shots are the most interesting visually and story-wise. The music used is 'Mercy' by Max Richter, performed by Iskandar Widjaja and friends. This piece and performance will probably be one of the 'A Different Perspective' videos.