Duur: 90 seconden
Voice-over van Stephane (€250)
Muziek: Heroes Triumph (€79)
Stock footage: licentie (kan op mijn account, dus gratis)

Karakters: Bram van Amstel, Abraham van Amstel, butler, groepje schatjagers (jonge mensen thuis).


Bram van Amstel & Abraham van Amstel



Butler van Bram



BUTLER (voice-over)

Dear van Amstel family,

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I inform you of your uncle’s death.

I’ve been his personal butler, and friend, for over 50 years, but he never once spoke of his family, so I guess you might not even know who he is. It is my great pleasure to tell you all about him.

Your uncle was one of the first modern treasure hunters and he had travelled to every corner of the world in search of an ancient treasure. After years of searching he finally found that treasure, it can now be found in museums all over the world. On his journeys he found many clues to other treasures. A few of those clues he left to you.

Your uncle started searching for treasures when he was still very young. One day he found an old journal, belonging to his great great great grandpa who worked on a ship of the Dutch East India Company.

In this journal he wrote about an invaluable treasure. But that treasure got lost when the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Your uncle never found that treasure and to keep the clues save, he tried to hide them in puzzles and riddles. It’s up to you now to solve them and to connect the dots.

If you do find this treasure, then I can assure you, there are many more treasures to be found.

Good luck!

Ik heb de voice-over voor nu zelf ff ingesproken en ik heb in de eerste 45 seconden ook al wat shots geplaatst (waar ik licentie op heb). Het is natuurlijk heel anders als er een professionele voice-over is en alle shots er in zitten, maar met het verhaal en de al uiteindelijke muziek al in deze versie kan je in elk geval een goed idee krijgen.