Wide shot with perfect symmetry (Wes Anderson style). We see Jeroen sitting at a big desk at FRISS headquarters. His desk is neat and perfectly in order. He is looking at his laptop screen while at the same time, calmly and without looking, pouring a glass of tea (authentic Japanese style tea set). This calm pouring a glass of tea with total control, and not even having to pay attention to it, conveys, in a not-too-serious, comedic way, the absolute professionalism of what FRISS has to offer. It breaths confidence and shows that FRISS knows what their doing, but also has humour.

  • Hi, and welcome to FRISS.

First a medium shot from right above the table looking straight down where we see the cup of tea and some of the stuff that’s on the desk. As extra maybe a close-up shot of the tea being poured into the cup.

  • Friss is growing insanely fast…

Wide shot, but we are now in a Japanese restaurant. Jeroen is sitting at a Japanese table on the ground with 2 Japanese businessmen sitting opposite of him on the left. He just finished pouring the cup and they toast their cups of tea in the air to celebrate their new (international) collaboration.

  • …as we’re expanding across the globe.


We can chop in half this screen here and put each half flat against the wall on either side of the painting. The height of this screen is 130 cm. We can simply put it on something if it’s not high enough.

We put some restaurant utensils on the table. Teapot, authentic looking cups, chopsticks, small plates, etc. Maybe a small bonsai tree (fake is fine too).

I’m not sure how it will look. Maybe it looks really good. But it might turn out looking really weird…hard too say!

Hopefully someone has a screen similar to this that we could use (and test out!).



  • Japanese tea set

  • FRISS nameplate on desk

  • Laptop

  • Maybe some small FRISS items as easter eggs on the shelves behind Jeroen

  • Documents and pens

  • Jeroen in his normal office clothes


  • Japanese tea set

  • Japanese eat set and chopsticks

  • Bonzai tree

  • a small cabinet to put some stuff on like the Bonzai tree

  • some sushi from Albert Heijn that we can put on their plates

  • 1 Japanese style divider screen

  • Japanese business man in suit

  • Jeroen wearing a nice jacket (or suit of course, whatever fits him best)