Willeke, comfortably sitting on a coach (Marc told me she is often sitting cross-legged) multi-tasking on a coach in the office. She holds a phone in one hand, wearing a headset in one ear, while on a Skype call on her laptop and making notes with a pencil with her other hand. When she is introduced, she momentarily looks up into the camera, and then continues to work.

  • So our recruiters are constantly looking for new talent (from around the world).

We zoom in on the back of Willeke’s laptop and immediately zoom out again and now see the person on the other side of the Skype-call. It’s Marco Mancino in what appears to be a totally different country. He waves at Willeke and looks very happy (he just got the job!).

In a circular motion we move 45 degrees around Marco and we see piles of books on his desk*.

  • We want people that care. That can help us keep moving in the right direction.

  • Maybe Deb has a a nice option for a study



  • Laptop

  • Tablet

  • Small notebook and pen

  • Headset

  • The red couch

  • Bottle of water

  • Clothes for Willeke that fit the style of the couch. Maybe she can bring a few options for us to choose from?


  • relevant books

  • laptop