The music abruptly stops. Medium shot. A chef is preparing food (maybe kneading bread?) and looks up into the camera while continuing with the food. He’s annoyed because of the previous over-the-top scene and music. He sighs.

  • Really.…

He sceptically asks:

  • What is it you guys do anyway?

The voice-over starts again and the chef listens while continuing with the food..

  • Ah, I’m glad you asked.

We cut to an animation showing 2 charts. The first is showing an increase in fraudulent claims going up. The second shows premiums going up. After a few seconds the first chart shows a steep decrease, immediately followed by a decrease in the second chart as well.

  • Insurance companies raise your premiums when the number of fraudulent claims go up. And that's not fair. So we help insurance companies to fight insurance fraud.

Medium shot. The cook seems impressed.

  • Ok!



  • Bottles and food (bread etc) to dress the background a bit. Especially to the left in front of that grey machine. Just a few things they already have laying around in the kitchen should be enough.

  • Dough and flower.

  • Rik the chef, dressed as a chef :)