We immediately pick up the pace again. New music starts playing and we see a bunch of programmers working on code with lots of computer screens visible. They are totally in control of the code. I shoot hand-held with mainly a long vocal length. This is a more action-movie-style scene.

  • The core of FRISS is our AI driven fraud detection and risk assessment, which is designed to be the best.


We go to a close-up of a sign that is hanging on the door. It’s turned to: FRIDAY / GAME TIME! Work is done. With several very short close-ups normal equipement is switched with gaming equipement, a game is booted, and we see a couple of guys fanatically cheering for the guy gaming.

  • And yes, our people like to be the best.



  • Laptops and external harddrives. There’s probably enough stuff in that box that we could use to dress the set a bit.

  • We have to make sure some relevant things are drawn on the board.

  • Something relevant on the computer screen.

  • We still have to find the main programmer for this role.

  • Also 3 or 4 others for the gaming scene.

  • Some obvious gaming equipment. Maybe even something like a steering wheel or something.