From 1 to 3

Hey vloggers :) I'm in a bit of a hiatus right now, not posting any videos for a couple of weeks/months. This is not because Young Classicals is slowly coming to an end, but quite the opposite. Starting May I want to go from posting only 1 video every week to 3 videos every week. A possible schedule would be:

  • Session Sunday
  • Minute Monday
  • Vlog Friday

Maybe even expanding to 5 weekly videos by next year. But then again, 3 new videos every week is super ambitious already.


So what does this mean for you girls and your vlogs? It basically means that I would love to see (at least) 10 vlogs per person per year. I know, it sounds like A LOT. But think of it this way: Young Classicals vlogs are only about 2 - 3,5 minutes long, so that's about 30 minutes of vlog per year. That already sounds much better right?

Why am I increasing the amount of videos published? Well, as all of you know, finding an audience and keeping them engaged means posting regularly. And if I really want to promote you as musicians through these vlogs, I need to make a greater effort and edit more of your vlogs.


A new vlog every month would be great. But what if you already know that the next two months are crazy busy and you have no room for vlogging? Then just let me know and I will find someone in your city that can take over the camera and vlogging for that period. Well, that is if you have a camera from me :)

Only vlog for Young Classicals when you have time, energy and drive! The camera setup is so small, it can easily go from one person to another for a while.

If you can easily create more than one vlog per month, then that's even better of course. I now have 3 vloggers, so with 10 vlogs per person that's good for 30 vlogs per year. I will probably go for 40-44 weeks of videos every year (we do need some holidays!), so I would love to see as many vlogs.


Here's a list with some episode ideas.

  • Travel vlog | Travel vlogs are always really nice to watch because you follow the vlogger on a journey. The two pulished vlogs on Young Classicals are both Travel Vlogs and I really like them.
  • City vlogs | A video about the city where you currently live/work/study. Just take us on a little tour.
  • Concert vlog | Maybe vlog about concerts that you are visiting. They can also be concerts in totally different styles. Just talk to us why you like it so much. Why it inspires you. And maybe how it influences you as a classical musician. Again, take the audience with you.
  • Meetup vlog | You can make a vlog about another musician that you are meeting. It can totally be a social vlog. It's important for the audience to see that music is also very much about friendships with other musicians.
  • Instrument vlog | A vlog about your instrument or studio setup. Show us around.
  • A Day vlog | Take us through a typical day.
  • School | Take us with you on a typical day at school.
  • YC vlog | You can make a vlog about our video shoot when we visit town to film a Session or Encore with you :)
  • Q&A | At a later point we can do Q&A's

Young Classicals vlogs are short. With just 2 - 3,5 minutes you can fairly quickly fill an interesting and fun episode.

Start the episode by what the audience can expect (i.e. today I have a concertday), take us with you, show us around, talk to us and tell us what's happening and how you feel, end the episode with a conclusion (i.e. the concert was so much fun!), greet the audience and tell them you'll see them in the next episode, and I have enough material to edit a new vlog :)