Wide shot with perfect symmetry (Wes Anderson style). We see Jeroen sitting at a big desk at FRISS headquarters. His desk is neat and perfectly in order. He is looking at his laptop screen while at the same time, calmly and without looking, pouring a glass of tea. This calm pouring a glass of tea with total control, and not even having to pay attention to it, conveys, in a not-too-serious, comedic way, the absolute professionalism of what FRISS has to offer. It breaths confidence and shows that FRISS knows what their doing, but also has humour.

  • Hi, and welcome to FRISS.

First a medium shot from right above the table looking straight down where we see the cup of tea and some of the stuff that’s on the desk. As extra maybe a close-up shot of the tea being poured into the cup.

  • FRISS is growing insanely fast…

Wide shot, but we are now in a Japanese restaurant. Jeroen is sitting at a Japanese table on the ground with 2 Japanese businessmen sitting opposite of him on the left. He just finished pouring the cup and they toast their cups of tea in the air to celebrate their new (international) collaboration.

  • …as we’re expanding across the globe.

We go back to the second shot of Jeroen sitting at his big desk. He very calmly takes a sip of his tea with his eyes closed, visibly enjoying the tea, while on the background wild stuff is going on with the FRISS team (that we only see, but not hear. We are after all enjoying the control and serenity of Jeroen’s moment). We can take some ideas from The Wolf Of Wallstreet for what’s going on in the background.

  • So this is an exciting time to join.


Meticulously dressed, Willeke is working at a well designed work station. She holds a phone in one hand, wearing a headset in one ear, while on a Skype call on her laptop and making notes with a pencil with her other hand. When she is introduced, she momentarily looks up into the camera, and then continues to work.

  • Meet Willeke. She is one of our recruiters and she’s…

We zoom in on the back of Willeke’s laptop and immediately zoom out again and now see the person on the other side of the Skype-call. It’s Marco Mancino in what appears to be a totally different country. He waves at Willeke and looks very happy (he just got the job!).

  • …constantly looking for new talent.

In a circular motion we move from facing Marco sitting in front of the laptop to behind him and then we transition to another shot where we start on his back and move further in the same circular motion.

He is now working with his team at FRISS.

  • We want people that care, and that can help us…

Marco is sitting behind the wheel of an iconic VW mini bus and his whole team is there as well. The person next to Marco is holding a giant map and their all nodding while he explains the best route.

  • …keep moving in the right (best?) direction.


We look right down on a table. We see some pencils and paper showing some rough sketches. Front shot. Deb is staring at her sketches like a designer is looking at his creations to do the finishing touches. It looks as if at the same time she’s imagining the potential of her ideas.

  • We want people that truly believe that not even the sky is the limit. (Music heroically swells to a climax).

The music suddenly ends as we see Deb in a spacesuit floating around in space with a neon light sign that says FRISS, right next to an arrow pointing forward. (We use this shot, this shot or this shot and paste Debs face behind the helmet.) The man from the voice-over totally changes his tone as he coughs to let Deb know she’s overdoing it.

  • Ahum. *sighs*

Deb reacts to the voice-over with facial expressions. It’s like she says: ‘What? You said not even the sky is the limit!’.